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Why I hate DeLorean's new album "U Owe Me Nothin"

To those who don't know who DeLorean is, He is a rapper hailing from Houston. He's established himself as one of the go to artist for features, as it pertains to the Houston scene. He just released an album called "U Owe Me Nothin." If you are looking for a bad review of this album that's not what this is. This album is crafted for people who appreciate true musicianship, the craft of crate digging, and lyrical prowess. If you could imagine Master P's passionate vocals mixed with Jay-Z's wordplay, you get DeLorean. Although it's barely been out for a month this is my favorite album of the year so far.

So giving the album all these accolades, why title the article "Why I hate DeLorean's new album"? I don't hate the body of work, what I hate is that once again, I feel I have found a gem and I don't hear anyone talking about it. Undoubtedly he put his blood, sweat and tears into this project, there is a feeling of him leaving it all on the table. Yet if you turn on local stations 97.9 the box or 102.1 you won't hear this project. The only way most people not from Houston will hear this project is through independent playlists or word of mouth.

It seems as though the true renaissance men that bring back the raw lyrical wordplay are a dying breed, as listeners now just look for a vibe. No substance, no meaning but a bop. This makes me feel as though people of his pedigree only do it for the passion, because what else is in it for them?

How do you feed your family off just the passion and not enough major support even from your own city. I hate this project is only 8 songs but I understand why, you have to keep the listeners attention long enough for them to vibe before they go to the next thing. In an ever-changing continuum of trends what is the constant?

The project starts of with an absolutely sick sample, If I'm not mistaken Pug Tunes produced most if not all these songs. Nonetheless we start off with the track titled Sunday. The pianos in this sample start off simple, but perfect for his flow. He was made for this track, he says they don't make songs about Sunday no more, just wow. Simple drums as they ease in but less is more with the production. Great vibe.

"Gotta Be in Ya", featuring Z-ro showcases a soul laced sample that's drenched in pimping. Again the production is bar none and D-Lo's flows are flawless and Z-Ro's hook suits this song perfectly. It gotta be in ya my nigga, It probably aint in you my nigga, cause if it aint in you my nigga, you know where they gonna send you my nigga. I listened to this particular track on repeat.

My favorite song is Hell if We don't Pray, Feat Marques Clae. Delorean and Marques Clae exchange bars that are superior to most. They're wordplay leaves the listeners having to go back and play certain parts of the track. Delorean has really found his zone when it comes to making quality music. This is his best work in my humble opinion. I love the music, love the bars, hate more people aren't sharing this. Please don't take my word for it listen for yourselves and tell me how you feel.

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