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Introducing Destiny

When it comes to music I truly feel that a big part of it is hereditary, at least when it comes to me. My mother played piano for churches most of my life and her father played bass guitar in a traveling band. Although my father wasn't musically inclined, my fathers side of the family was drenched in musical talent. My Aunt Helen played piano, I've had 2 sisters release albums, a brother who is an assassin on the guitar and cousins who are all immensely skilled at their music crafts.

Fast forward to my daughter Destiny. I am extremely blessed to have a child who has been my prodigy in so many ways. There's instances of her being way better at certain things than I could ever do, but as a parent that is welcomed. This is a special time for me because, I've been away from the music in some ways. In this particular time in my life I want to do things for the good of family and bring you all along for the process.

The first single that I'm releasing for Destiny has a sample that my mother introduced me to from Henry Mancini called Lujon. I initially did the track in 2021 and no idea that I would give it to my daughter for a single years later.

In this process I will be giving you an inside look at the process and the evolution of what I hope is to be inspirational, personal and in-depth. I consider everyone here part of my circle I hope my journey can help others follow their Destiny "No pun intended"

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