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Interview with Mr. Lee

In 2018 I was fortunate enough to meet the renown producer, Mr Lee. He is responsible for much of the musical landscape in the south, as it pertains to Hip Hop. From groups like 8-Ball & MJG, Scarface, Lil Keke, Nipsey Hussle, all the way to Dwele, he's had his hand in making their sound special. When I met Mr. Lee I was really excited and I recorded the video on my phone with a Hassleblad lens.

During the interview we talked about his upbringing, early experiences in Rap-A-Lot records, and what it was like working with Nipsey Hussle. This was prior to Nipsey's tragic passing in 2019. It was an incredible interview with so many gems, but I unfortunately lost my phone that possessed the interview, I was devastated. The video and the game he gave was lost forever, or so I thought. I looked in my google cloud and in my saved videos and there was no sign of it.

On Christmas on 2019, I was looking at old videos on my phone and the video happened to show up out of the blue, Are you kidding me? Since then Mr. Lee has been doing incredible things, He has a documentary that won an international film festival called "Mr Lee: 20 years of power", He was nominated for a grammy and unfortunately Nipsey passed posthumously winning his first grammy. I am sharing this video to show you the legend Mr. Lee in his element. If you love music and you love gems of wisdom, I'm confident you will enjoy this video. You can follow Mr. Lee on instagram @mrlee713, thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom about this music game.

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