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recording studios in texas

Top Recording Studios in the US

Recording Studios in Texas

Distorted Clarity Productions is an independent entity for production songwriting and artistic vision. Currently working to release an EP of the various artists as well as a production hub for freelance production.

Distorted Clarity still operates in the heart of Texas, Los Angeles as one of the top recording studios in the US due in part to its cool aesthetic. 

"High-quality sound and changes that 

help improve the listener's enjoyment

 are the highest priority for all projects."

Our studio is one of the top recording studios in the US, offers the best audio production, music recording in Television, Movies, Artists, and Internet platforms in Los Angeles, US, and Houston, Texas, US. We provide services like Scoring film, Licensing, Music Recording Studio in Texas, at reasonable rates for great quality work.

We are not only music creators we are a multi-media company whose specialties include

  1. Hip hop, soul, and jazz music production

  2. Music Blogs

  3. Interviews with people in the industry

  4. Hub for music marketing.

Distorted Clarity is one of the top Recording Studio in Texas, US. It is the best recording studios in Texas, Los Angeles recording studios dealing with the music recording studio needs in Texas. We also provide our services in Los Angeles, making us the top recording studios in the US as well.

This site is a one-stop-shop. Gotta do a Youtube Video but need music, doing commercials, or television/movies? Look no further.

Top Recording Studios in the US

Top recording studios in the USA

Best recording studios in Los Angeles

Recording studios in Texas | Los Angeles recording studios

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