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Make your movie/television production complete

One of the most important components on any film production is the sound behind it. If you want your audience completely immersed in your production you want to invest in the professionals at Distorted Clarity Produtions.  Let us give your project the full movie/television experience.
What your getting for your project
  • 15 years plus audio work
  • Familar with Final Cut Pro for video/audio production
  • Mac/Windows formats acceptable
  • Located in Houston Metro Area
  • Paypal Accepted
  • Friendly Staff ready to assist and help
We want to make your transation from your ideas to the big screen a seamless transition.

Willing to travel off site locally in Houston Metro area for projects.
For projects outside of Houston, TX dropbox and email is an acceptable way to exchange files.
Audio At its Finest!

Since 2001

You need quality mixing, to help you get to the next level. The mixing and programming to accompany your vision is right at your fingertips. We can help you get your project to the next level with our quality engineering.
What we bring to the table
  • Advanced music production
  • Audio Engineers who are dedicated to your project
  • Learned audio engineering at Art Institute Seattle
  • Based out of Houston, TX
  • Worldwide service, with rapid turnaround.
  • Affordable, reliable, and professional.

We want your project to sound and feel like a direct reflection of the music you intend on making. Let's make magic!
Sonic quality is one of the single most important things in an audio production. You want to ensure the world knows your serious about your project. We can mix your project and bring out the best in your sound, how it was intended to be.

Your Personal Music Production

Producers at your convience.

This is where the rubber meets the pavement.

Let us help you make the next big hit. Distorted Clarity Audio specializes in Hip Hop/R&B/Jazz/ and Neo Soul. Let us take your ideas and match it up with our existing catalog or customize your own music track.

There are a million artist out there, let us help you stand out!